Classes List

Teaching and sharing are a passion for me. I’ve had the privilege of teaching many different subjects (from nalbinding and sashiko to Lego robotics).  Some of the places I’ve taught are include the following.

  • North Country Fiber Fair since 2010 in Watertown, SD
  • Fiber Day for Crossthreads Fiber Guild in Sioux Falls, SD
  • Green Camel Gathering in Tyler, MN
  • Prairie Fiber Arts Guild in Moorhead, MN
  • Athena Fibers yarn shop in Sioux Falls, SD

Classes I currently teach are listed below.  More classes are in the works.

I’m open to suggestions for customized classes, just be aware that I can’t condense a 3-4 hour class to a 1 hour class.

Contact me for a proposal.

Nalbinding Classes

Beginning Nalbinding

You will learn about historical finds that contained nalbinding and how to do one of the simplest stitches, called the ...
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Nalbound Mittens I

You will learn how to make flat topped traditional style Finnish nalbound mittens with the Finnish stitch. We’ll also look ...
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Nalbound Hats

You will learn how to make a custom fit nalbound hat in the Rådmansö stitch.  The Rådmansö stitch is a ...
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Nalbinding Stitch Sampler

You will work with 3 different stitches - the Danish, Oslo and Finnish stitches (more if we have time). This ...
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Karman Vortex Nalbound Scarf

In this class you will learn a new technique in nalbinding invented by the teacher, called ‘open structure work’. You’ll ...
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Dye Classes

Dye Color Theory – Many Colors from a Few Dyes

Lecture portion: We'll talk about modern color theory (CMYK and RGB) and why red, yellow and blue don't always make ...
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Dyeing with Indigo Workshop

Dyeing with Indigo Workshop

A fun, hands on exploration of indigo dyeing. Indigo is magical! Once you see the change from yellow-green to deep ...
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Speckeld Yarns

Dye Your Own Speckled Yarn

Speckled Yarns are all the rage! Learn four ways to create speckles on your yarn for little bursts of color ...
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Sashiko Classes

Beginning Sashiko Embroidery

Sashiko is a quilting and embroidery technique from Japan.  It’s a running stitch that was historically used to mend and ...
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