Tip Tuesday: Radmanso Stitch Trouble Shooting

Rådmansö Stitch Trouble Shooting for #Nalbinding #TipTuesday – One of the stitches I personally want to use more in my work is the Rådmansö Stitch. It’s quite different from the stitches I’ve often used. You pick up 3 behind the thumb, twist and wrap the working yarn around your needle and pull the needle through. Every once in a while though I get a funky looking split in the edge of my work and need to back up a few stitches to fix it. The image I’ve attached is what that problem looks like. (Video with directions for this stitch by Sanna-Mari Pihlajapiha https://youtu.be/l3JWp60B83s )

Tip Tuesday: Loop Confusion

Nalbinding TipTuesday – confused about which loop is which? Pull lightly on the working thread, the one that tightens is the last one created. (If you’re working on your thumb – for most stitches this loop will go on your thumb. If you need more than one loop on your thumb, you can pull the top of the last stitch to find which loop tightens and this would be the next loop to put on your thumb.)