Indigo Dye Class at South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum

We had a spectacular class!  The students were so creative and inquisitive. They wanted to just see what would happen if they did variations on what I showed them.

They were a little hesitant to start adding things to the vat, So I did the first batch, but after that they jumped in and did everything themselves. 🙂

Thank you SD Ag Heritage Museum for having me up there in Brookings to teach again!

Shop Update 2/24/2017 and News

Shop Update

Friday Feature - Shy Red Fox 2017-02-24

This week’s shop update is nalbinding needles in acrylic and birch laminate. Check these and other needles, yarn, completed items, patterns, and felted items (by my daughter) in my Etsy Shop.


In other news, this week has been a tough one as I support a friend who lost a parent. On the good side, we got to foster that parent’s diabetic kitty until my friend was able to retrieve him. He’s a real sweet heart with a crazy low meow.


My daughter and I are super excited about attending Green Camel Gathering in Tyler, MN next week.  A whole weekend of crafting and a yoga class, yippee!

After that, I’ll be prepping for April’s teaching gigs in Brookings, SD and York, NE.

In project news, I’m playing with a wave pattern scarf that I hope to write up in pattern form.

Wave Pattern Scarf - WIP Pt 1


What’s happening for you all?  Any projects?

Post Teaching Giddiness

Just sharing some of my giddiness today!

I just taught my first beginning nalbinding class to a small group of friends (who agreed to be my guinea pigs).  It was fun!  I learned at least as much as they did.  I wanted to show them so many things – but they were kind and helped me figure out that I need to do only a little at a time and offered great feedback!  (There were so many things I wanted to show them – but little bits at a time for teaching beginners to do nalbinding is better.)  So I think I can teach this at NCFF and do well!

When I come out of a tough to teach class and I’m still flying high as a kite – then you know it was a great time!  Woot!