Tiny Nalbinding Mitten Ornament Pattern

I think I’ve made close to 20 of these for Christmas.  (I don’t know for sure how many because I’ve given several away before I could photograph them.)  These little mitten ornaments are perfect for using up scraps and take me 1-2 hours to make (depending on how many distractions there are at the time.)  Since my pattern was only written on an index card, I figured writing it down here would be a good thing.  (Paper and I have a tendency to loose each other…)  And you all can enjoy the pattern too.

(This pattern is free for personal use only and my Christmas gift to my readers.  If you wish to sell mitten ornaments from this pattern, please contact me.  We can work out an arrangement.)

Recommended yarn weight: sock yarn
Amount: Small scraps.  I think its about 10-15ish or so yards  (I use 3-4 arm lengths of yarn at a time.  And I use about 3 of those.)
Nalbinding stitch: Oslo stitch.  (For small stitches, I use the needle width to gauge my stitch size.  Not my thumb.  Like Sanna-Mari does in her video – at 6:20.)

Start: Make a chain of 5 stitches, turn and skip 1 stitch.  Work back to start (3 stitches worked back). (8 stitches total)
Round 1:  Work around, increasing in every stitch.  (16 stitches)
Round 2: Work around, increasing in every other stitch (24 stitches)
Rounds 3-6: Work around.
Round 7: Work 6 sts.  Chain 6 stitches (for thumb hole).  Connect work in 5th or 6th stitch of previous row, and work the rest of the way around.
Rounds 8-11: Work around.
Finish off.  Tie a loop of string to the bottom of your mitten – so it can hang as an ornament.

Connect a new thread 1 stitch into a row on the thumb hole.  Work 3 rounds.  (Just be careful to only use the stitches in the thumb hole, and not into the mitten.  You don’t want a really wide thumb.)  Decrease around on next row.  Finish off and tuck in threads.

Enjoy your new mitten ornament!  Merry Christmas!

Projects: Itty Bitty Little Nalbound Mittens

Several of my friends and I got together this last weekend to work on items for North Country Fiber Fair next year.  While Ruth and Meghan were more productive than I was, I still managed a few things to contribute –  mini mittens.  The first one would fit a baby or small toddler.

The next two might be a bit big on a Barbie doll.   But not by much.

I did these in Oslo stitch with sock yarn.  To make smaller stitches I dropped the thumb loop before pushing the needle through and pulled the needle yarn to tighten the stitch around the needle. (Like Sanna Mari Tofi does in her videos.)  My sharp antler needle was perfect for these dinky mitts.  The point on it helped separate the yarn loops quickly.

Can any one make smaller mittens?  I challenge you to try.  (I’m not showing you up – I’m pushing your talents!)