Indigo Dye Class at South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum

We had a spectacular class!  The students were so creative and inquisitive. They wanted to just see what would happen if they did variations on what I showed them.

They were a little hesitant to start adding things to the vat, So I did the first batch, but after that they jumped in and did everything themselves. 🙂

Thank you SD Ag Heritage Museum for having me up there in Brookings to teach again!

Completed Speckle Socks and an Upcoming Trip

Speckle Sock Anklets
Speckle Sock Anklets

Well, there’s no shop update this week. Though the excuse is a wonderful one!  I found out I will get to go to Japan on my friend, Chiaki’s, textile tour in Osaka, Okayama and Kyoko in October. (Just me. The family will have to stay home. I wish they could come too. But, they love me and are encouraging me to go!) I’m so excited!!!! AND I’ll take time to see my dear friend, Kyoko, who lives near Tokyo! KYAA!!!!

Needless to say my brain was completely occupied with figuring out the plan and details and getting ready for teaching nalbinding this weekend! (First step for trip – sign up for Japanese lessons again – CHECK! Next step – plane tickets!)

I did complete the hand dyed speckle socks while I was in class Tuesday night. There’s enough, I may have to make toeless sandal socks or an anklet pair for my daughter. We’ll see…

What’s happening for you all?  Any projects you’d like to share?

Shy Red Fox’s Grand Re-Opening Sale!

Hey All!  I’m so excited to be back and have the shop open!  (*waving hi to everyone*) Thank you so much for your patience while my family worked our way through a big job transition.

The new wood needles look like dymond wood (which is no longer made), but are a lovely colored layer birch laminate. It’s really fun to work and I’m looking forward to making more needles with this new wood!

Get 15% off orders through the end of February with code SRFOPEN15. Enjoy!

I’ve reworked the website too. Though, I’m still waiting on the domain transfer so you’ll see an ip address at the top for a few more days. But it feels good to have a more official presence!

The Shy Red Fox shop will re-open soon!

Colored Birch Laminate and Acrylic Nalbinding Needles
Colored Birch Laminate and Acrylic Nalbinding Needles

Well, I’ve been wanting to re-open the shop for a good long while now, but I’m finally to the point where I can VERY soon!

Thank you all for being so patient while my family and I dealt with the insanity of my hubby’s old job (aka me being a ‘single parent’ while he worked insane hours) and the transition to being a whole family again now that he has a job that fits us better.

My requirement for opening the shop was to have a few complete needles ready to list. Now that that hurdle is marked off, I expect to open the shop about the end of the week. I’ll post here and on social media when it’s live. 🙂