Light and Lacy/Silver Project

I’ve been playing with a lace pattern for the Ravelry nalbinding group’s Light and Lacy challenge and my local fiber fair’s “Silver” craft along.  Third try is the best so far.

The base row is Oslo. Then in every other stitch I do button hole stitch. then a row of regular button hole stitch. All stitches are tightened around my needle. When I do another Oslo stitch row, I pick up one button hole stitch and do an Olso stitch, then I do one Oslo stitch unattached to the previous row.

I increased on the Oslo stitch row and the first button hole stitch row at the edges, which gave about a 60 degree triangle. I wanted about 90 degrees for a shawl, so maybe I should have increased every row and stopped thinking like a knitter! So this will be a pointy edged scarf, instead of a shawl.

The piece is curling A LOT and I have to untwist my yarn on my needle often. I think I’m going to have to block this. Though, most nalbound items, I don’t block.

Anyhoo – hopefully that’s enough info to play with or inspire you to try your own nalbinding lace!

Indigo Dye Class at South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum

We had a spectacular class!  The students were so creative and inquisitive. They wanted to just see what would happen if they did variations on what I showed them.

They were a little hesitant to start adding things to the vat, So I did the first batch, but after that they jumped in and did everything themselves. 🙂

Thank you SD Ag Heritage Museum for having me up there in Brookings to teach again!

Completed Speckle Socks and an Upcoming Trip

Speckle Sock Anklets
Speckle Sock Anklets

Well, there’s no shop update this week. Though the excuse is a wonderful one!  I found out I will get to go to Japan on my friend, Chiaki’s, textile tour in Osaka, Okayama and Kyoko in October. (Just me. The family will have to stay home. I wish they could come too. But, they love me and are encouraging me to go!) I’m so excited!!!! AND I’ll take time to see my dear friend, Kyoko, who lives near Tokyo! KYAA!!!!

Needless to say my brain was completely occupied with figuring out the plan and details and getting ready for teaching nalbinding this weekend! (First step for trip – sign up for Japanese lessons again – CHECK! Next step – plane tickets!)

I did complete the hand dyed speckle socks while I was in class Tuesday night. There’s enough, I may have to make toeless sandal socks or an anklet pair for my daughter. We’ll see…

What’s happening for you all?  Any projects you’d like to share?

03/24/2017 Shop Update

This week’s shop update – 3 needles.

Zebra Wood Nalbinding Needle by Shy Red Fox
Zebra Wood
Blue and Purple Cubes Acrylic Nalbinding Needle by Shy Red Fox
Blue and Purple Cubes Acrylic
Color Striped Birch Nalbinding Needle by Shy Red Fox
Color Striped Birch


In other news, I’ve been getting out and about more as hubs and I play Pokemon Go together. We met a little fox squirrel who was very brave and didn’t run away!

Friendly Squirrel
Friendly Squirrel


Maybe I need to figure out how to nalbind while I play Pokemon? (Any bets on if I trip and fall on my face? *wink*)  Any other nalbinding Pokemon players out there?

Ravelry: Wrap up of the Autumn/Winter Challenge and Posting the new Spring/Summer Challenge

The Nalbinders on Ravelry Autumn-Winter Stitch Challenge 2016-2017 has come to a close with several terrific entries that used the York Stitch for an item’s construction. If you participated, feel free to snag the challenge reward graphic.

Autumn-Winter Stitch Challenge 2016-2017 reward graphic - socks image by Karin Byom used with permission
Autumn-Winter Stitch Challenge 2016-2017 reward graphic – socks image by Karin Byom used with permission


Our Spring/Summer theme nalbinding challenge (light and airy) is now posted and I can’t wait to see what our creative group will come up with!  This one will be a departure from what people normally know of nalbinding.  The fabric usually created is dense and heavy. So it’s perfect to push the boundaries of our craft and show what’s possible! See the Ravelry post for details.

Will you join us for this challenge?

03/10/2017 Shop Update

We have for your viewing pleasure a super shiny purple swirls acrylic nalbinding needle and Stormy Skies superwash merino sock yarn. This sock yarn is luscious and fabulously squishy! I loved working with a sparkle test version for my daughter’s socks. (I may have to see if I can get more of the sparkle soon…)

This week’s Shy Red Fox shop update is a little light due to getting back from a fun travel weekend and getting our passports ready.  (Hubby will get to travel to Italy some time this year. I hope to hit Japan in a few years. Might as well get them all done at once!)

Shop Update 03-10-2017, Purple Swirls Acrylic Nalbinding Needle and Stormy Skies Superwash Merino Sock Yarn

Green Camel 2017 Overview

My dear daughter and I are back from another wonderful weekend at Green Camel in Tyler, MN. Both of use enjoyed it immensely! We didn’t want to leave early Sunday, but we had 2 skits to be in in our church’s variety show that afternoon.

Danebod 2017
Danebod 2017


At Green Camel
At Green Camel – sitting in the spinning circle

She was a needle felting maniac! Two dragons and a bulbasaur are now added to the needle felted herd of creatures at our house. She also sold several small felted animals (mostly green camels for the event) in her first ever solo shop.

Starting a dragon
Starting a dragon
Completed dragon in her carrying basket
Completed dragon in her carrying basket
My daughter with her Bulbasaur
My daughter with her Bulbasaur


Spinning 4 oz of Three Waters Farm’s ‘Rainbow Palace’ into a chain/Navajo ply was delightful, though it paled in comparison to my daughter’s accomplishments!

Navajo/chain plied rainbow yarn
Navajo/chain plied rainbow yarn


A BIG thank you to Jill for putting together a fabulous 10th anniversary Green Camel!

What events are you all planning to attend this year?


Hand Dyed Socks

Finished my daughter’s hand dyed socks just in time for Green Camel Gathering! She was asking about them as I worked on them and really wanted them done for the event. Just before bed I tucked in the end thread. Whew! What’s the closest to a deadline that you’ve completed a project?

Hand Dyed Socks for my Daughter